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Account book of the Maltese Cross and Chimney Butte ranch


Notebook with financial and business information pertaining to Theodore Roosevelt's ranching operations in Dakota Territory.

Resource Type: Notebook

Subject: Ranching; Account books; Agriculture--Accounting; Ferris, Sylvane M.

Date: 1886

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to George Haven Putnam


Theodore Roosevelt writes to publisher George Haven Putnam to ask for his assistance regarding Badger, describing him as a "demoralizing presence" on the ranch. Roosevelt also requests several book titles to be sent to him.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Ranching; Agricultural assistance; Friendship--Influence; Ranchers--Vocational guidance; Books and reading; Parton, James, 1822-1891

Date: 1886-03-20

Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall


William Wingate Sewall has been "holding the fort" at the ranch while the other ranch hands are on the roundup. The weather has been nice and he's been spending time tending the garden. Sewall doesn't think Dakota Territory is very good for farming but the cattle are doing well. He hopes that Theodore Roosevelt won't lose money on the cattle but doubts he can ever make much profit. Sewall accompanied Roosevelt on a recent hunt and Roosevelt killed a large Elk. He hopes to go on his own hunt with Wilmot Dow when the weather is cooler. Sewall is now into his last two years in Dakota Territory and it will be a "joyful day" when he returns home to Maine.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Gardening; Agriculture; Cattle; Ranching; Ranching--Economic aspects; Hunting; Elk hunting; United States--Dakota Territory; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Dow, Wilmot

Date: 1886-06-27

Its good is doubtful - its harm is certain


Two smug, well-dressed men, one labeled "Exporter" and the other labeled "Farmer," ride in a fine carriage driven by the Roman god Mercury, his cape labeled "Commerce," and drawn by two horses labeled "Manufacturing" and "Agriculture." They ride past a broken carriage that crashed on a log labeled "Dingley Tariff." The driver labeled "Importer" and the horse labeled "Import Business" sit on the ground next to the "Dingley Tariff" roadblock.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Commerce; Carriages and carts; Traffic accident investigation; Industries; Agriculture; Mercury (Roman deity)

Date: 1899-02-01

A Short Account of the Big Trees of California


A report on the Calaveras and Stanislaus big tree groves of California, prepared by the Division of Forestry with the intent of aiding preservation.

Resource Type: Book

Subject: Agriculture; Botanical literature; Logging; Lumbering; Redwoods; California--Calaveras Big Trees State Park; California--Stanislaus National Forest; California--Mariposa Grove; California--Fresno County; California--Tulare County

Date: 1900

Letter from Dewitt C. Middleton to Gifford Pinchot


Commissioner Dewitt C. Middleton of New York informs Gifford Pinchot that Governor Benjamin Odell has approved the Annual Supply Bill which contains $8500 to be paid to the Division of Forestry for work conducted in Hamilton County, New York. In recognition of the assistance given by Assemblyman Jothan Powers Allds, Middleton requests that Pinchot employ Allds' friend as a laborer.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Bills, Legislative--U.S. states; Employment references; Employee selection; Forests and forestry; New York (State)--Hamilton County; New York (State). Forest, Fish and Game Commission; United States. Division of Forestry; Allds, Jotham Powers, 1865-1923; Odell, Benjamin B. (Benjamin Barker), 1854-1926

Date: 1901-05-07

Letter from Gifford Pinchot to D. C. Middleton


Gifford Pinchot is pleased that Governor Odell has approved the $8500 for the Division of Forestry. Pinchot will appoint an unnamed man based on D. C. Middleton's recommendation, but the man must maintain satisfactory work performance. Pinchot is glad that Middleton was pleased with the report on Township 40 and will be happy to distribute to any names that Middleton forwards to him.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Employees--Appointment, qualifications, tenure, etc.; Employment references; Publications; New York (State); United States. Division of Forestry; Odell, Benjamin B. (Benjamin Barker), 1854-1926; Allds, Jotham Powers, 1865-1923

Date: 1901-05-11

Letter from Joseph Ward Lewis to Theodore Roosevelt


On behalf of the Berkshire Agricultural Society, Joseph Ward Lewis invites Vice President Roosevelt to speak at the society's 92nd annual fair on September 11.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Speeches, addresses, etc.; Agricultural exhibitions; Agriculture--Societies, etc.; Berkshire Agricultural Society (Berkshire County, Mass.)

Date: 1901-08-24

Letter from W. E. Skinner to Theodore Roosevelt


W. E. Skinner regrets that Vice President Roosevelt cannot attend the International Live Stock Exposition.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Livestock exhibitions; Agricultural exhibitions; Livestock--Societies, etc.

Date: 1901-09-05

The farmers' true friend


Magazine article praising the late William McKinley for his agricultural policies, particularly those protecting the domestic sugar industry.

Resource Type: Magazine article

Subject: Spanish-American War (1898); Agriculture and state; Free trade--Government policy; Tariff--Government policy; Sugar trade--Government policy; Puerto Rico; McKinley, William, 1843-1901

Date: 1901-09-14

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