Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library Terms of Use

General Use of the Collection

The Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library aims to provide the broadest public access to materials by and about Theodore Roosevelt. The majority of the documents presented are in the public domain and therefore not under any copyright restrictions. Where copyright is a concern, the Theodore Roosevelt Center has made every effort to ensure the information in our collection records on copyright and access is accurate. In some cases, the images have been withheld from public view.

Because of the nature of historical and archival collections in general, it may sometimes be difficult or impossible to determine copyright owners. The Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library and its contributing partners are eager to hear if you find material on this website to which you believe you own copyright. Please contact us so that we may learn more about our collections and resolve any questions you may have regarding the use of this material. Upon request, we will remove material from public view while we address a rights issue.

Fair Use Is Allowed

Material that is still under copyright is protected under Title 17, United States Code. Those materials may not be copied or reproduced except as permitted under US copyright law.

Fair use, for example, allows for copyrighted material to be used only for activities such as:

  • Non-commercial and non-profit study, scholarship, research or teaching
  • Criticism, commentary, or news reporting
  • As a preservation or security copy
  • As a research copy for deposit in another institution

If a researcher later uses a document to limits beyond fair or some other lawful use, the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library is not liable for any copyright infringement. That responsibility falls solely on the researcher, and its acceptance is an absolute condition of accessing the Library. For the above uses, we do not require you to contact us. However, we do appreciate hearing from students, teachers and researchers making interesting use of the collections and you can contact us to share your stories and experiences with our collections.

Any original works in the digital library including our articles, transcriptions, criticisms or other original writings are to be considered available for use as long as they are properly cited. For information on how to cite the collections found in the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library, please see our citation guide.

Restrictions on Collections

Certain contributors to the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library have more specific regulations on use and reproduction of their items. Those regulations can be found by linking to the contributing individual’s or institution’s copyright permission guidelines in the chart below.

Please be aware that every item found in the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library has been reviewed for possible copyright issues by Theodore Roosevelt Center staff. Most of our items are available because they were free of copyright constraints or were considered low risk for digital publication. Low risk was determined once a fair use assessment was conducted and a search for death and/or publication dates failed to result in a valid reason to withhold the materials from the digital library. If you see any materials in our digital library for which you believe you hold copyright, please contact us.



Website for Further Information
Arizona Historical Society

Must receive permission from AHS to reproduce.

For permissions, please contact [email protected].

Harvard College Library

See their Reproductions and Permission page; permission must be gained from Houghton Library for publishing rights

Reproductions and Rights at Harvard College Library

Library of Congress (Manuscripts, Prints and Photographs, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound)

None – Public Domain

Library of Congress Legal Policy

National Park Service (Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Sagamore Hill National Historical Site, Mount Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site)

None – Public Domain

None of these sites have supplementary copyright statements.

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation

Must receive permission from the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation to reproduce items.

For permissions, contact Lenora Henson at (716) 884-0095 or email via hyperlink above.

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Must receive permission from TRMF to reproduce items in published materials

For permissions, contact Kinley Slauter at (701) 623-4444 or email via hyperlink above.