Theodore Roosevelt Center Gift Policy

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Theodore Roosevelt Center. The collections at the Theodore Roosevelt Center are maintained for an audience of scholars, students, and a general audience with an interest in Theodore Roosevelt and those surrounding him. Our mission of the Theodore Roosevelt Center is to serve scholars, tourists, teachers, curious citizens, and students of all ages as they explore the life and achievement of the 26th President of the United States. 

The Theodore Roosevelt Center is pleased to accept donations of books and artifacts to add to the richness and diversity of the Center’s collections. Acceptance of materials is made with the understanding that there are no limiting conditions or restrictions regarding the usage of the gifts.  Once accepted, gift items become the property of Dickinson State University and may not be reclaimed by the donor.  In the event that items pertaining to Theodore Roosevelt are not added to the collection (such as books of which we already have several copies), these items may be sold, with the proceeds used to purchase additional needed materials. 

Donated items will be added to the Theodore Roosevelt Center’s artifacts collections or Stoxen Library’s materials collection when these are consistent with the teaching and research needs of the Center and of Dickinson State University.  Donated books that are not already in the collections of Stoxen Library, will first be offered to the library. It is the intention of the Theodore Roosevelt Center and Stoxen Library to obtain and maintain as complete a collection as possible of materials regarding all aspects of the life of Theodore Roosevelt.  In accordance with American Library Association guidelines, the Library makes an effort, through its collection, to offer the widest possible viewpoints in its attempts to further the free exchange of ideas.  Censorship will not be exercised in the selection of gift materials based upon religious, political, sexual, social, economic, scientific, or moral issues. 

Items that are not deemed appropriate for the Theodore Roosevelt Center or library collections may be refused.  The Theodore Roosevelt Collection Policy should be consulted for guidelines on what items will or will not be accepted. Also, gifts that do not meet the collection criteria may include damaged items or duplicates of materials already owned.  Generally speaking, the Theodore Roosevelt Center reserves the right to refuse exact duplicates of items it already owns. 

If desired, an appropriate acknowledgment of all gifts added to the collections will be made on behalf of the University.  The Theodore Roosevelt Center or Stoxen Library cannot offer collection appraisals, nor estimate the value of a gift.  The Internal Revenue Service considers the library or a library employee an interested party, who, therefore, cannot appraise donations.  Donors may wish to refer to the IRS Publication #561, Determining the Value of Donated Property.  Donors will need to obtain an appraisal from a private source. 

If you have questions about your collection and its appropriateness to the Theodore Roosevelt Center’s goals, please contact us so we can discuss your collection. If it is not appropriate for us to accept, we will do our best to help you discover an alternate repository that would best suit your collection.

If you have reviewed the Collection and Gift Policies and wish to make a donation, please contact the Project Manager of the Theodore Roosevelt Center (701-483-2814 or [email protected]), the Director of Library Services (701-483-2883), or the DSU Foundation (701-483-2004), to arrange a mutually convenient time to receive the materials and to discuss acknowledgement considerations.

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Updated 3/2015