Digitization Update January 2019

Digitization Update January 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Welcome, everyone, to the new year!  For our first digitization update of 2019, the major news is the release of a large number of materials that were previously under copyright. As I mentioned in the digitization update for December, two of the major figures included in this were Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s wife, and Francis B. Loomis, the United States Assistant Secretary of State from 1903-1905.  In addition to these various items, for the first time in twenty years some published works that were previously under copyright entered the public domain, so we also gained a couple additional items that were published in 1923 because of this.  We hope these new items are valuable sources of information for everyone who uses the digital library!

Ihttps://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/theodorerooseveltcenter/TRC/HCL/1600/1090/1090/HCL_ms_am_1090_952_roosevelt_t_0002_0001.jpgn more routine news, as of the end of January 2019, the Theodore Roosevelt Center has cataloged and given metadata to 61,285 items.  Of those, 58,478 items have gone through the metadata review process, 56,409 have been investigated for the status of copyright, and 53,704 items are published on the web site.

This month, most of the progress that we made in original cataloging came in the Library of Congress Manuscripts Division, while most of the copyright review process has been moving materials from some of our smaller collections through the process, including materials from the Pinnacles Collection, the materials from the Denver Public Library, and the Arizona Historical Society.

We have been continuing our work with updating and cleaning up our internal database of names.  This is a substantial process, as our Library of Congress Name Authority File contains more than 6000 names, and our list of creators and recipients has more than 1700 names.  We are working on consolidating these various lists, investigating birth and death dates of these various figures, and, in the process of all this, cleaning up our previously cataloged materials.  Through this, the quality of our materials is increasing and, while the process may take a while, our efforts will ultimately both help us catalog items and help our users find related materials.

Thanks for your interest in the Theodore Roosevelt Center, and enjoy looking at the many new items we have processed this month!