Digitization Update December 2018

Digitization Update December 2018

Friday, January 04, 2019

Hello again everyone, this is Erik Johnson back again with the latest monthly update for the Theodore Roosevelt Center’s digitization progress.

As of the end of December 2018, the Theodore Roosevelt Center has cataloged 61,174 items by describing them and giving them metadata. Of those, 58,478 items have gone through our review process to check the metadata for accuracy, and we have investigated the copyright status of 56,183 items. 53,273 items are currently published online in our digital library.

This month, the majority of our original cataloging process was made in our collection of Motion Pictures and Recorded Sound from the Library of Congress, as well as our materials from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Denver Public Library.  While we have been continuing our work through the large collection of items from the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress, we have also been working to wrap up some of these smaller collections.

All of these items continue to move along through our process of metadata and copyright review, ensuring that those items that are published are seen by several pairs of eyes to catch typos and errors, and over two hundred new items were published to the digital library this month.

Additionally, we continue to work to update and improve our internal name authority file. As I outlined in the November monthly update, this is an important process to help make items more easily discoverable, and facilitates better cataloging in the future. Recently, I have been attempting to process these updates more frequently, and in smaller batches, so that these sorts of updates don't take overly long and allow me to continue cataloging at a good pace (I also learned that this process can easily take a very long time if I attempt to address too many names at the same time, as my first attempt took nearly a full week!)

Considering the progress the digital library made this past year as a whole, the Theodore Roosevelt Center was able to catalog over 4,000 items since last December, and has published more than 4,700 items to our digital library.  We look forward to continuing this work in the upcoming year, and are eagerly anticipating the large number of items coming out of copyright in January that will be published online shortly, including materials from Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt's wife, and Francis B. Loomis, who was Assistant Secretary of State from 1903-1905, and was especially involved in the acquisition of the Panama Canal Zone.