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Letter from Martin A. Knapp to Stephen B. Elkins

Chairman Knapp explains the Interstate Commerce Commission's recommendations for amendments to the... Letter - 1905-11-28 - Digital Library Record

Interstate Commerce Act

The Interstate Commerce Act was used by President Theodore Roosevelt to regulate America's railroads. - Learn About TR

Letter from John J. McCook to Theodore Roosevelt

Railroad official John J. McCook writes to President Roosevelt regarding an act controlling commer... Letter - 1905-01-09 - Digital Library Record

Letter from A. J. Cassatt to Theodore Roosevelt

President Cassatt of the Pennsylvania Railroad encloses an amendment to the Interstate Commerce Ac... Letter - 1902-04-01 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Stuyvesant Fish to Theodore Roosevelt

Stuyvesant Fish believes the Interstate Commerce Commission is weak due to its anomalous nature w... Letter - 1903-01-20 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Charles E. Townsend to Theodore Roosevelt

Senator Townsend relays his correspondence with Senator Williams regarding the Interstate Commerce... Letter - 1905-11-03 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Edgar E. Clark to George Gray

Edgar E. Clark has heard that he is being considered for being appointed to the Interstate Commerc... Letter - 1906-06-03 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Joseph L. Bristow to Theodore Roosevelt

Senator Bristow encloses a copy of his bill for the creation of an industrial commission. He views... Letter - 1912-12-26 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Nicholas Murray Butler

Judge Gray has advised to wait until the Coal Strike Commission makes its final report before brin... Letter - 1904-04-28 - Digital Library Record

Report from Judson C. Clements to Theodore Roosevelt

Acting Chairman Judson C. Clements of the Interstate Commerce Commission reports to President Theo... Report - 1906-10-13 - Digital Library Record

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