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Bottom's dream
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Bottom's dream


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Puck's stereotypical Irishman labeled "Democracy" appears in the role of "Bottom" from Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream," with Puck holding the head of an ass above him. He is holding a paper that states "Free Protection for Revenue Only. Free Revenue Reform for Protection Only. To the Civil Service Reformers belong the Spoils!!!" A host of fairies, insects, and minions of the night are gathered around him, including Theodore Roosevelt as a fairy standing on a snail labeled "N. Y. City Reform," John Logan as a mushroom, John Kelly as a spider on a web labeled "N. Y.," William Evarts as a bird with a long beak, unidentified man as a frog, James Blaine and George Robeson as owls, David Davis, Samuel J. Tilden as a grasshopper, Roscoe Conkling as a bird, Whitelaw Reid labeled "3 cts" and another man labeled "2 cts" as moths, and a diminutive Chester A. Arthur peering from behind Bottom's feet. Jay Gould appears as a snake in the bushes. Among the fairies are "Randall, Carlisle, Dana, Cleveland, Cox," and Henry Watterson. Uncle Sam and Columbia observe from behind a tree. Includes Bottom's lines "I have had a dream - past the wit of men to say what dream it was. ... But man is but a patched fool if he will offer to say what methought I had" from the play.

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