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The Life of Theodore Roosevelt


October 27

Born 28 East Twentieth Street, New York City


  Attends Harvard: graduates magna cum laude


February 9

Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., dies


October 27

Marries Alice Hathaway Lee



Attends Columbia Law School (does not graduate)


November 8

Elected to New York State Assembly



Publishes The Naval War of 1812



Buffalo hunt, North Dakota; Purchases first badlands ranch


February 12

Daughter Alice born


February 14

Wife Alice Lee and mother Mittie Roosevelt die in Roosevelt’s New York home



Delegate to Republican National Convention in Chicago



Publishes Hunting Trips of a Ranchman


December 2

Marries Edith Kermit Carow in London


September 13

Son Theodore born



Publishes Life of Gouverneur Morris, Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, and Essays in Practical Politics


May 7

Appointed U.S. Civil Service Commissioner by President Benjamin Harrison


October 10

Son Kermit born



Publishes two volumes of Winning of the West


August 13

Daughter Ethel born

Publishes History of New York



Publishes The Wilderness Hunter


April 10

Son Archibald born


August 14

Death of brother Elliott



Appointed New York Police Commissioner



Publishes Hero Tales of American History (with Henry Cabot Lodge)


April 19

Begins duties as Assistant Secretary of the Navy


November 19

Son Quentin born



Publishes American Ideals


April 25

Appointed lieutenant colonel of First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment


May 6

Resigns as Assistant Secretary of the Navy


July 1

Roosevelt’s “crowded hour” at Kettle and San Juan Hills


November 8

Elected Governor of New York



Publishes The Rough Riders


November 6

Elected Vice President of the United States



Publishes Oliver Cromwell and The Strenuous Life


September 6

President McKinley shot in Buffalo, New York


September 14

Roosevelt sworn in as 26th President, Buffalo


February 19

Orders federal antitrust suit against Northern Securities Co.


June 17

Signs Newlands Reclamation Act



Mediates anthracite coal strike


February 14

Establishes Department of Commerce and Labor


March 14

Proclaims Pelican Island, first federal bird sanctuary


November 18

Panama Canal Treaty


November 8

Elected President in his own right


December 6

Declares Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine


February 1

National Forest Service established


March 17

Attends wedding of niece Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt


June 2

Declares Wichita Forest, Oklahoma, first federal game preserve


August 25

Submarine ride in Plunger off Long Island


September 5

Signing of Portsmouth Treaty ending Russo-Japanese War



Publishes Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter


February 17

Presides at White House over wedding of daughter Alice to Ohio congressman Nicholas Longworth


June 8

Signs Antiquities Act (National Monuments)


June 30

Signs Pure Food and Drug Act


November 8-26

Visits Panama Canal Zone


December 10

Awarded Nobel Peace Prize


January 1

Shakes 8,513 hands, setting Guinness world record



Publishes Good Hunting


December 16

Sends Great White Fleet on its round-the-world cruise


May 13-15

Convenes first White House governors conference to discuss conservation of natural resources


November 3

William Howard Taft elected to Presidency


January 13

Rides 100 miles from Washington, D.C., to Warrenton, Virginia, to set example for military officers


February 22

Greets Great White Fleet on its return to the United States


March 23

Begins African safari with son Kermit


March 30

Leaves Africa, begins European tour


April 23

Delivers “man in the arena” speech at Sorbonne, Paris


June 18

Triumphant return to New York City


August 31

Delivers New Nationalism speech at Osawatomie, Kansas


October 11

Flies in airplane near St. Louis



Publishes African and European Addresses, African Game Trails, American Problems, The New Nationalism, Presidential Addresses and State Papers, and European Addresses


February 21

Announces that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination


June 18-22

Defeated by Taft at Republican National Convention in Chicago


August 5-7

National Progressive Party convenes in Chicago


October 14

Shot while campaigning in Milwaukee


November 5

Takes second place in Presidential election



Publishes The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood


May 26-31

Prevails in libel suit against Michigan editor who accused him of public drunkenness


October 4

Departs for South America to lecture and explore



Publishes Autobiography, History as Literature and Other Essays and Progressive Principles



Roosevelt-Rondon Expedition explores the River of Doubt in the Amazon basin


May 7

Returns to the United States



Publishes Through the Brazilian Wilderness



Defendant in libel suit filed by New York Republican leader William Barnes (wins)



Publishes America and the World War



Publishes Fear God and Take Your Own Part and  A Booklover’s Holidays in the Open


May 19

President Wilson refuses Roosevelt’s offer to lead a rough rider division on the western front in World War I



Publishes The Foes of Our Own Household and National Strength and International Duty


July 14

Son Quentin killed in air action in Europe



Publishes The Great Adventure


January 6

Dies in his sleep, 4:15 a.m. Sagamore Hill


January 8

Funeral services at Christ Church, Oyster Bay burial at Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay