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Ferris, Joseph

Joe Ferris was a hunting guide, a shopkeeper, and a friend of Theodore Roosevelt in the badlands of Dakota Territory.

Foley, James

James Foley was a contemporary of Theodore Roosevelt in the badlands of Dakota Territory. He was a poet, a journalist, and a secretary to North Dakota political figures.


Collegiate football was less than a decade old in the United States when Theodore Roosevelt saw his very first game as a Harvard College undergraduate in 1876. This young sport soon came to be known for several troubling aspects, including excessive violence during play, fatalities on the field, the use of non-student athletes, recruiting scandals, and corrupt referees.

Gompers, Samuel

Samuel Gompers was a labor leader who was elected president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) at its creation in 1886.

Gorringe, Henry Honeychurch

Commodore Henry Honeychurch Gorringe was born in the West Indies. He migrated to the United States, joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Civil War.

Great White Fleet

The Great White Fleet, consisting of 16 battleships and accompanying vessels, sailed around the world between December 1907 and February 1909. An important show of America’s naval power, the fleet’s successful return added luster to Roosevelt's presidential career.

Grinnell, George Bird

George Bird Grinnell was raised in New York where his family lived for a time on the former estate of John James Audubon.

Groton School

Groton School is a prestigious, Episcopal, college preparatory boarding school located in the city of Groton, in far northern Massachusetts.

Hagedorn, Hermann

Hermann Hagedorn is remembered for his biographies of Theodore Roosevelt and his work to promote the legacy and ideals of Roosevelt through his long service to the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

Hagner, Isabella

Isabella (Belle) Hagner became the first social secretary to a First Lady when Edith Roosevelt hired her on October 2, 1901.

of 10 Page: 99 articles: