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John A. Logan in 1859


John Alexander Logan stands at center, holding a paper that states "No Interference with Slave-Hunters!" and looking over his left shoulder at two slave hunters rounding up a family of fugitive slaves. A similar scene is repeated in the background. Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward, and Charles Sumner are standing on the left, watching in anger and with restraint. Caption: "You call it the dirty work of the Democratic Party to catch fugitive slaves for the Southern people. WE are willing to perform that dirty work." --John Alexander Logan, in the Illinois State Legislature, Dec. 9th, 1859.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: African Americans--Civil rights; Fugitive slaves; Bounty hunters; Logan, John Alexander, 1826-1886; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872; Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874

Date: 1884-07-09

Frontier types


Compilation of stories related to Theodore Roosevelt's experiences in the American West, particularly second hand stories from his western acquaintances.

Resource Type: Magazine article

Subject: Cowboys--Social life and customs; Hunters--Social life and customs; Trappers--Social life and customs; North Dakota--Medora

Date: 1888

The American wilderness; wilderness hunters and wilderness game


Handwritten draft of chapter one of The Wilderness Hunter.

Resource Type: Manuscript

Subject: Frontier and pioneer life; Hunters; Hunting; Wilderness areas; United States, West; Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820; Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836; Carson, Kit, 1809-1868; Houston, Sam, 1793-1863

Date: 1893?

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Frederick Courteney Selous


Assistant Secretary Roosevelt is glad that Frederick Courteney Selous enjoyed his hunting trip, but is melancholy to realize that the United States has lost so much of its hunting grounds. Roosevelt recalls a few of his own hunting experiences: "I was just in time to see the last of the real wilderness life and real wilderness hunting." Roosevelt also recommends several books to Selous and provides information about his experience ranching in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Books and reading; Deer; Elk; Hunting; Ranching; Ranch life; Bear hunting; Wilderness areas; Elephants; Hunting guides; Publications; North Dakota; British Columbia; Alaska; Rocky Mountains; Oregon; United States, West; Maine; New York (State); Montana; Wyoming; North Dakota--Little Missouri National Grassland; Boone and Crockett Club; Buxton, Edward North, 1840-1924

Date: 1897-11-30

Letter from T. C. Coleman to Theodore Roosevelt


T. C. Coleman requests the name of the guide Vice President Roosevelt used in Colorado last fall. This spring, Coleman was in British Columbia and failed in his hunt for a grizzly bear. He hopes to use the guide's dogs in another hunt.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Hunting guides; Hunting dogs; Grizzly bear hunting; Colorado; British Columbia

Date: 1901-08-25

Postcard to Thomas B. Meek


Brown postcard with a color illustration of a bear and a startled hunter. Written on the front of the postcard is "I'm looking for you in Yellowstone Park."

Resource Type: Postcard

Subject: Bears; Hunters; National parks and reserves; United States--Yellowstone National Park

Date: 1901-1907?

Favored by Roosevelt. Plan to transfer forest reserves to Agricultural Department.


The Oregonian states that Theodore Roosevelt is in favor of the John F. Lacey's bill to transfer "the management and control of forest reserves from the Interior to the Agricultural Department, and to create and maintain game preserves in the public land states." The article concludes that Roosevelt will soon announce the addition of land that will double the area of Yellowstone Park and extend the Teton forest reserves in Wyoming in order to protect big game animals that live there.

Resource Type: Newspaper article

Subject: Public lands--Law and legislation; Big game animals; Elk; Moose; Deer; Mountain sheep; Big game hunters; National parks and reserves--Management; Extinction (Biology)--Environmental aspects; United States--Yellowstone National Park; Wyoming--Teton National Forest; United States. Congress; Lacey, John F. (John Fletcher), 1841-1913; Henderson, David Bremner, 1840-1906; Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, 1835-1909; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1902-04-04

Letter from John Avery McIlhenny to Theodore Roosevelt


McIlhenny discusses an upcoming hunting trip to Glasgow, Montana, with Alec Lambert, and invites President Roosevelt to visit his family in Louisiana.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Hunting; Hunting guides; Hunting dogs; Postmasters--Selection and appointment; Louisiana; Montana--Glasgow; Lambert, Alexander, 1861-1939; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1887-1944; Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Carow, 1861-1948; Willis, John, 1857-1944

Date: 1903-08-05

Notice -- don't shoot the animals


President Roosevelt sits in a forest with a spyglass pointed at a tiger. Two teddy bears sit near signs. One sign says, "Notice - Dont shoot at the animals," and the other says, "Posted. Reporters, Dogs, or Hunters Not Allowed."

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Dogs; Tigers; Teddy bears; Hunters; Reporters and reporting; Forests and forestry; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1904

Great lion, wolf and coyote hunt


Jake Borah advertises his mountain lion, bobcat, wolf, and coyote hunts. 

Resource Type: Advertisement

Subject: Hunting; Hunting guides; Hunting dogs; Colorado--Gypsum

Date: 1906

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