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Shall the race question establish anew the Mason and Dixon line?


Newspaper article examining the different views on the "Negro question" between the north and south. The article concludes that it is best for "national unity" that each section of the country pursue "its own inclination."

Resource Type: Newspaper article

Subject: Race relations; Racism; African Americans--Attitudes; African Americans--Politics and government; Southern States; United States--Mason-Dixon Line; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915

Date: 1901-10-31

The president-"don't throw mud at that founder of republicanism"


President Roosevelt rushes to stop a man wearing a long sash labeled "Lily White Republican - Motto: Exclusion of the Negro" from throwing mud at a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: African Americans--Attitudes; Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ); Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1902-10-12

Letter from Booker T. Washington to Theodore Roosevelt


Booker T. Washington writes of President Roosevelt's concern for the press coverage regarding the attitude of African-Americans in Boston.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: African Americans--Attitudes; Press coverage; Massachusetts--Boston

Date: 1903-09-15

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